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Sleep School CEO Named Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation


Russell Rosenberg, PhD has been elected chairman of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) for a two-year term starting July 1. Dr. Rosenberg is a board certified sleep specialist with 26 years of clinical and research experience. 

rosenbergAs chairman, Dr. Rosenberg will lead the National Sleep Foundation’s board of directors, comprised of physicians, scientists, and business professionals. Christopher L. Drake, PhD andAmy Wolfson, PhD will serve as the new Vice-Chair and Secretary to the NSF Board.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as chairman of the National Sleep Foundation. We’ll continue on our mission to improve sleep health and safety in this country. Getting good sleep is as important as eating the proper diet and exercising regularly.” said Dr. Rosenberg.

Drs. Helene Emsellem and Joseph Ojile will join the NSF board in July as its two newest members. Dr. Emsellem is the Medical Director for theCenterofSleepand Wake Disorders inChevy Chase,Maryland, and Dr. Ojile is the founder and Medical Director of the Clayton Sleep Institute inSt. Louis,Missouri. Both Dr. Emsellem and Dr. Ojile have served as volunteers for various NSF committees.

"The National Sleep Foundation has been fortunate in its ability to attract leading sleep scientists and clinicians to volunteer their expertise," said David M. Cloud, NSF's Chief Executive Officer.  "We are greatly honored that Dr. Rosenberg has accepted a leading role with the Foundation." 


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