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Dr. Rosenberg Talks Narcolepsy in Latest Issue of Physician's Weekly


describe the imageIn the latest issue of Physician's Weekly, CEO of the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine Dr. Russell Rosenberg emphasizes the importance of referring potential narcolepsy patients to a sleep specialist. Drawing on numbers from his own published survey, Dr. Rosenberg advocates for continued awareness of narcolepsy within the medical community. 

From the article:

"About two-thirds (62%) of sleep specialists and one-quarter (24%) of PCPs believed they were “very” or “extremely” knowledgeable about narcolepsy, but only 42% and 9% of sleep specialists and PCPs, respectively, felt “very” or “extremely” comfortable diagnosing the disorder. Just 7% of PCPs identified all five key narcolepsy symptoms, and no participant in the general population could identify all these symptoms. About two-thirds (63%) of sleep specialists and 39% of PCPs knew that excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy were the most prominent narcolepsy symptoms."

To read the complete text of the article, visit the Physician's Weekly website.

Online Foundation of Sleep Technology Student Shares Experience


danielle photoAs the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology’s self-study program –The Online Foundation of Sleep Technology – enters its second year, it continues to gain momentum serving a growing population of sleep professionals preparing to take the RPSGT exam through Pathway 1 and Pathway 4. Praised for its special features and the national faculty team of sleep technologists and sleep medicine clinicians, our program has an 80% pass rate. 

Former student Danielle Howard BS, RPSGT, shared her thoughts on the program with the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). 

“My experience using the Online Foundation of Sleep Technology Program was extremely interesting.  The lectures were easy to follow and hearing the slides read aloud was much better than the previous modules I tried.  I’ve been in the sleep field for more than six years with my Bachelor’s Degree but I couldn't find the right program that gave me the confidence to sit for the prestigious RPSGT exam.  I tried other modules a few years ago and thought to myself ‘there is no way this approach is going to prepare me for that exam.’"

To read Danielle's complete review of the program, visit the BRPT page.

Thanks Danielle!


Physicians: Want a Head Start on the Board Exam?

describe the image

Want a Head Start on the Physician Sleep Medicine Board Exam?
Begin Studying in Minutes!

Prepare for the Sleep Medicine Board Exam online with leading experts in the sleep medicine field. Review your knowledge with over 100 mock questions & receive exam tips from:

  • Alon Avidan, MD, MPH., author of  Handbook of Sleep Medicine & Review of Sleep Medicine: Expert Consult. Dr. Avidan is Board Certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine. 
  • Gary Montgomery, MD, Medical Director of Children’s’ Healthcare of Atlanta Sleep Medicine Program. Dr Montgomery is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Pediatrics. 
  • Meir Kryger, MD, author of  Kryger’s Sleep Medicine Review & Senior Editor of  Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Kryger is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine.
  • Larry Martin, MD, contributor to Kryger’s Sleep Medicine Review. Author of What to Study for the 2011 ABIM Sleep Board Exam blog. Dr. Martin is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. 
  • Barbara Phillips, MD, MSPH, professor of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Dr. Phillips is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pulmonary Medicine. 
  • Russell Rosenberg, Ph.D., Course Director and CEO of Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine.

For a limited time only, this course is available for $300!

Learn more

Get started today: describe the image

A-STEP Students Travel From Around the Country


plane resized 600Here at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine, we are accustomed to students flying in from different states. From Colorado to California, New York to North Carolina, we have taught sleep medicine to students from all over the nation. In our last class we had two super travelers, though! Lori Ikehara-Lyman flew in all the way from Honolulu, HI and Ashlie Niederer left Anchorage, AL to attend the course.

How far is that exactly? Lori flew 4,494 miles and Ashlie flew 4,274 miles. Combined, our students flew 8,768 miles to travel to the peach state! That is a long way for one course, but the Atlanta School’s rave reviews speak for themselves! Check out this review we received from Karla Amick who flew in from Chicago to attend:

“I was given the opportunity to attend the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine & Technology A-STEP program in October, 2012. This was an outstanding experience from start to finish. It was clear the enormous effort that went into delivering such a well-executed program. Everyone involved from the wonderful staff at the Hilton Garden Inn to the staff of professionals at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine provided the absolutely best experience possible. Thank you for your expertise, goodwill and enthusiasm.

The doctors gave such well-organized, complete and meaningful lectures. Lead instructor Terrence Malloy delivered a wealth of knowledge from experience for an easy to understand learning experience.

The sleep lab technicians shared their enthusiasm and the enjoyment received from careers as RPSGT’s.  It was great to be around professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge with such passion.

Kish Woodward and the Atlanta School staff put in such effort to organize such an outstanding experience for the students.”

Wow! What a great endorsement. Thanks so much for sharing Karla.

Are you interested in a career in sleep medicine? Learn more about our A-STEP course or call 678-651-2000!

Sleep Medicine and Polysomnography Course Now Available


describe the imageThe Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine will offer the 4-day weekend CME course Sleep Medicine and Polysomnography on November 2- 5, 2012, in Atlanta, GA. Designed to cover clinical sleep disorders, staging and scoring sleep studies and generating the sleep report, this course emphasizes the nuts and bolts of sleep medicine taught by experts in the field.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and industry representatives, who are new to sleep medicine and seek a comprehensive introduction to the field.

  • Experienced or boarded sleep physicians who want a review of the practical aspects of sleep medicine.

The course is approved for 26 Category 1 CME credits.

For more information or to register, please go to or call 678-651-2000 for more information.


Dr. Rosenberg Appears on NPR “Morning Edition”


describe the imageAtlanta School of Sleep Medicine & NeuroTrials Research CEO Dr. Russell Rosenberg joined the NPR Morning Edition show today to discuss sleepwalkers. An excerpt from the interview is below:

Though a sleepwalker’s brain might be partially awake, most sleepwalkers have no memory of their episodes, and that’s a key feature, says Russell Rosenberg, chairman of the National Sleep Foundation and CEO of Neural Trials Research in Atlanta. Some research suggests that the sleepwalker’s frontal cortex — the brain’s center for decision-making, judgment and short-term memory — is not fully online during sleepwalking.

For the full transcript of the interview or to listen online, click here.

Huffington Post: Narcolepsy Remains Misunderstood and Underdiagnosed


pednarc resized 600Do you have narcolepsy? NeuroTrials Research and Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine CEO Dr. Russell Rosenbergdiscusses the misconceptions of narcolepsy that lead to underdiagnosis in his new article with the Huffington Post:

Narcolepsy usually begins in the teens or early 20s, and all of the symptoms do not emerge simultaneously. AWAKEN, an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Jazz 

Pharmaceuticals, surveyed 1,000 adults from the general public, 300 primary care physicians, and 100 sleep specialists. The results found that symptoms associated with narcolepsy are not clearly recognized or understood, which may contribute to under or misdiagnosis of the disorder. 

Read full article.

Follow all Dr. Rosenberg’s posts.

Fall Courses with the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine


Interested in advancing your career in sleep medicine and technology? The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine has several upcoming fall courses to match your education needs and your budget!

techupper resized 600SLEEP TECHNOLOGISTS

Essentials of Sleep Technology: An A-STEP accredited course

This 80 hour course is designed for individuals without experience who wish to enter the field of sleep technology. It is also appropriate for the new sleep technologist or allied healthcare professional, who seeks an introduction to or review of sleep medicine and polysomnography.

Offered: August 25-31, 2012. October 13-19, 2012. December 1-7, 2012.
Price: $3300

Scoring Adult Sleep Studies

Also appropriate for physicians, this 2-day course reviews the basics of scoring while emphasizing a hands-on approach. The course improves scoring efficiency and understanding.

Offered: September 28-29, 2012
Price: $575 (discount available when bundled with PEDS Scoring)

Scoring Pediatric Sleep Studies

Also appropriate for physicians, this 2-day course covers the basic & advanced skills needed to properly score pediatric sleep studies.

Offered: September 30-October 1, 2012
Price: $575 (discount available when bundled with Adult Scoring)

drface resized 600PHYSICIANS

Develop your study plan schedule now for the 2013 sleep medicine certification exam or enroll in a comprehensive review of the field.

PSG Record Review

The Digital Record Review is a full day of scoring review and practice on individual laptops. Review the AASM scoring rules and practice scoring under the supervision of a team of registered sleep technologists.

Offered: October 26, 2012
Price: $775 (discount available when bundled with Board Review)

Early Bird Sleep Medicine Board Review

This 3-day course is a review of basic sleep sciences and clinical sleep disorders. The course is designed to meet the needs of physicians preparing for the national sleep medicine examination in Fall 2013. The format, a mix of short didactic presentations and case interpretations, is modeled on the ABIM Blueprint.

Offered: October 27-29, 2012
Price: $1425 (discount available when bundled with Board Review)


Sleep Medicine for NPs & PAs

This course is developed specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants to integrate their skills into a sleep medicine practice. Clinicians in a practice with more than 50% sleep patients who have a firm foundation in sleep medicine should consider the Advanced Topics in Sleep Medicine for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants listed below.

Offered: September 22-23, 2012
Price: $625

Advanced Topics in Sleep Medicine for NPs & PAs

This course is developed specifically for nurse practitioners and physician assistants who have 6 months of experience working in sleep medicine or those who have completed the Atlanta School's introductory course Sleep Medicine for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Offered: November 10-11, 2012
Price: $625

To redeem offers or for more information, contact program coordinator Kish Woodward at 678-651-2000 or

International Sleep Students in June A-STEP Course


Last week, the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine hosted two international students in our A-STEP course: Nicola Barclay, PhD and Mohammed Al Ahmari, RRT.

describe the imageDr. Barclay is a senior lecturer in Psychology and associate director of Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research at Northumbria University in Newcastle. She has been working in sleep medicine for 4 years, primarily assessing sleep using objective measures. According to Dr. Barclay, there are very few sleep labs in the United Kingdom, and only a handful of research facilities study sleep. Dr. Barclay attended our A-STEP course in Atlanta to help broaden her sleep research; she is hoping to branch out into polysomnography studies.

Al Ahmari is a registered respiratory therapist from Alkhobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Al Ahmari enrolled in our A-STEP course to serve as an introduction to sleep medicine. He has been considering our A-STEP course for the past 3 years, as there are very little sleep medicine education resources in Saudi Arabia. Al Ahmari believes the high prevalence of obesity in Saudi Arabia contributes to the high sleep apnea rates, but with very few sleep technologists, labs, and physicians available, it is hard to seek treatment. With his new sleep education from the Atlanta School, Al Ahmari hopes to become a registered sleep technologist and help to provide sleep education in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks for attending Nicola and Mohammed, as well as all our A-STEP students. Good luck!

The A-STEP 80 hour course is designed for individuals without experience who wish to enter the field of sleep technology. It offers the fundamental knowledge and skill set to become a sleep tech trainee.  It is also appropriate for the new sleep tech with limited lab experience or an allied healthcare professional, who seeks an introduction to or review of sleep medicine and polysomnography. The A-STEP curriculum has been developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a comprehensive introduction to sleep technology for the novice technologist.

Atlanta School International Student Now a Registered Sleep Technologist


The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine is proud to congratulate international student Ahmed Al-Harmali for passing the BRPT Registry Exam.

Oman Student resized 600From Muscat, Oman, Al-Harmali travelled to the United States in April to work toward the registry exam with the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine. While in Atlanta, Ahmed completed several Atlanta School courses including A-STEP: Essentials of Sleep Technology, Scoring Adult Sleep Studies, Scoring Pediatric Sleep Studies, and Online Sleep Technologist Exam Prep.  After two months of hard work and preparation, Al-Harmali returned to Muscat yesterday as a registered sleep technologist.

Ahmed believes the coursework and study materials assisted in his passing score on the BRPT Registry Exam. “I could not have done it without the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine,” said Al-Harmali, “the study materials and guidance from the staff and faculty really made the difference for me.”

In addition to coursework, Al-Harmali was also able to observe sleep technologists at work at a variety of different sleep labs throughout Atlanta. Ahmed also attended the 3rd Annual Georgia Association of Sleep Professionals meeting. While at the meeting, Ahmed connected with vendors who manufacture many of the machines Ahmed uses at his own sleep lab at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in Oman.

Al-Harmali’s trip also included time for fun, and Atlanta School staff accompanied Al-Harmali on a variety of sightseeing trips throughout Atlanta. Al-Harmali’s favorite thing about Atlanta? The weather! Used to scorching temperatures up to 115 degrees, Al-Harmali enjoyed the cool breezes accompanying the Atlanta springtime.

Congratulations, Ahmed!

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